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Amateur Pizza Classes

The love for sharing our experience.

Now “Accademia Pizzaioili USA,” other than running professional-level classes, instituted classes for amateur pizzaiolo, with lessons from some of the industry’s top operators.

Amateurs Basic Pizza Classes Hollywood, FL

It’s so incredible to see the process first-hand and create what will soon become the centerpieces of your table.

The three hours class will be composed of a maximum of eight students, guaranteeing our instructors’ best supervision and attention.

• We will welcome you with a complimentary glass of Prosecco.

• You will learn how to make your first dough while instructed on using different flours and ingredients.

• We will assist you in the whole process of making the pizza and bake it in our professional oven.

All of this in a comfortable and professional location, our Pizzeria!

Basic Pizza Courses Miami
Amateurs Basic Pizza Classes Miami

Amateur Master Class

$150 each student

9am to 12pm
3 hours Class

Min 4 | Max 10 people

Authentic Tradition
Do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions.